Comfort Inside an Evacuation Center

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No one wants to imagine the stress of fire or another disaster threatening their home—especially if they don’t have their beloved animals beside them to provide comfort in times of crisis. That’s where San Diego Humane Society comes in, providing care and comfort for the animals and owners who are forced to evacuate to Red Cross centers.

“Once the Red Cross sets up an evacuation location, we’re asked to assist with pets by setting up a temporary, onsite shelter, since animals often aren’t allowed in the evacuation site,” says Sarah Thompson, director of corporate adoption partnerships with SDHS, who led operations at the evacuation site for the Potrero Border Fire in June. “People still care for their own animals, but we’re there to provide supplies and support. We have staff onsite around the clock so people can turn to us for resources.”

During that fire, the evacuation site provided refuge to roughly 65 animals, from dogs and cats to rabbits and birds. Livestock are most often evacuated to ranches that have opened up to offer their help. Volunteers are always needed to offer assistance and donations of time, space and supplies before disaster strikes.

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