To the Rescue

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San Diego Humane Society and roughly 80 rescues from around the country have joined forces to save animal lives. All of SDHS’s rescue partners have the same goal: to find quality homes for the animals in their care.

SDHS employs foster and rescue specialists at each of its campuses in Escondido, Oceanside and San Diego who work with these rescue partners to coordinate animal transfers. Last year, SDHS transferred more than 3,000 animals in need from other shelters, so the importance of maintaining open lines of communication is clear. SDHS’s relationship with rescue groups and placement organizations is a key component in its mission to inspire compassion. 

“Given the number of pets who come into our shelters each day, partnership with rescue groups is critical to saving lives,” says SDHS Director for Rescue and Recovery Sarah Thompson. “When rescues take pets in, they’re freeing up kennel space for other animals who may come in that day. Working together, we can make a bigger impact and save more lives.”

SDHS requires its partners to commit to rehoming animals responsibly and maintaining clean and safe facilities, and it strongly encourages use of positive-reinforcement training. When rescue partners receive animals from SDHS, they include free spay and neuter surgeries, vaccinations and microchips, and partners can pay 50% of the cost of these services for other animals. SDHS offers behavior consultations, pet food when available and sharing of in-kind donations as well. Partner agencies are also listed on SDHS’s website and can participate in community events.

SDHS always has room for more rescue partners. If you’re part of a rescue group and would like to become a rescue partner, check out the Rescue Partner Promises at and fill out a Rescue Partner Questionnaire.


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