The Power of Pet Friendliness

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SDP_Cover_Summer2016.inddEarlier this year, San Diego was named number four on a list of pet-friendly cities in the United States. While it’s great to be in the top five, it’s our goal to earn the top spot! From our abundant offering of pet-friendly hotels and restaurants, to the year-round outdoor activities we can do with our pets, to all the animal welfare resources that exist throughout the county, San Diego is undeniably a wonderful place for pet parents to live. San Diego Humane Society is committed to continuing our efforts to make it the best place for our pets to live, too.

This issue of San Diego Pets Magazine celebrates these precious pets by recognizing the special people and businesses in our community that go above and beyond to advocate for them: the winners of this year’s Animal Compassion Awards. While these winners truly go the extra mile, I believe everyone can show compassion for animals simply by not taking them for granted. I realize this more and more as my dogs—who are 11 and eight—get older. Every minute with them is precious, and I strive to make every second count. That’s my definition of compassion: recognizing the gifts selflessly given to us, especially by our animals—no matter how many legs, fins, or wings they may have—and being the pet friendliest people we can be.


Gary Weitzman, DVM, MPH, CAWA
President and CEO
San Diego Humane Society

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