Product Review: StayJax Seat Mats

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My dog and I love the outdoors so living in San Diego we often frequent the park, beach and hiking trails. With this comes one happy, yet very dirty dog. My dog is medium sized, roughly around 40 pounds, so it’s also important to have stability in the car so he can position himself in his favorite spot, with his head out the window.

I drive a Honda with light grey fabric seats, and during the three years with my dog they have become a somewhat brownish-grey color. Not ideal. After recently paying more than I wanted for an interior detail of my car, I was excited to try out Stayjax seat mats. They arrived neatly rolled up with a short description on how to install. I was eager to see them in action so disregarded the instructions but luckily the install was really self-explanatory. I was really surprised to see them fit almost perfectly over my back seat and backrest, even though I didn’t specify what type of car I drove before ordering. The bottom seat mat sits perfectly with holes for the seat belts to come out, easily securing your dog or any passenger while the cover is still in place. The seat backrest mat was slightly wider than I needed, but I just tightened the straps around the headrest a bit more, which raised the mat higher, and tucked in the “extra” matting at the base into the crease of my car seats. This solved the problem perfectly.

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My dog was very excited to give these a test ride. I was mainly excited about keeping my fabric seats clean but I also noticed my dog not sliding around in the back. I hadn’t even thought about the seats helping to keep him stable while in transit, eliminating the risk of motion sickness. To be honest, I was mainly thinking about the convenience of putting the mats in and out and keeping the seats clean. Having seen it in action, I’m glad I had both the full backseat set and will plan to get a cover for the passenger seat as well. After mornings spent at the dog beach the mats are extremely easy to dust off or clean with a damp cloth. I’ve even tossed them into the washing machine and was happy to see that the sides didn’t curl up or the material breakdown. While the mats have straps for easy storage and removal from the car, I tend to keep them on the seats even when not in use by m dog. Given my habit of leaving them in place, I’m interested to see how the mats hold up in the recent increase of weather temperature. If they do hold the heat I’ll have to be sure to remove them, but time will tell.

Overall, I’m very pleased with the StayJax car mats and I’m happy to report back after using them through the full summer!

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