Dear Tabby

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Q: I’d love to take my dog with me when I go out to dog-friendly restaurants or breweries. What can I do to make it a positive, fun outing for her?
A: Prior to taking your dog to a public restaurant, please make sure she’s comfortable in new environments and around lots of people and can tolerate loud noises. Try taking your dog to a café at a less popular time, like a weekday afternoon. This will be a great way to introduce her to café life without putting too much pressure on her. Bring a mat or blanket with you, so your dog will be comfortable while you sit down to eat. Make sure to bring lots of high-value treats with you, such as cheese or chicken, and periodically drop the treats one at a time on the mat throughout your dining experience. Your pup will associate people walking by, waiters and loud noises with high-value treats and will eventually look forward to your café visits.


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