“Paws” for a Beer with Your Bestie

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San Diego is home to hundreds of restaurants and breweries that welcome well-behaved dogs. These 10 tips will help make the experience a breeze for both you and your buddy.

1. No barking.
2. No begging.
3. Unless stated otherwise, dogs (excluding service dogs) are allowed only on outdoor patios that can be accessed without going inside—meaning, don’t walk or carry your dog through the restaurant to get to the patio.
4. Your pup must be leashed for the duration of your stay. Make sure the leash isn’t a tripping hazard for anyone walking by. Hang on to the leash or secure it to your chair—a distracted dog can easily tip a table.
5. Fido may have his own seat at the table at home, but keep him off restaurant chairs or tabletops.
6. Bring your own collapsible water bowl or order your dog some water in a disposable container.
7. Feed and walk your dog before you go. Let him do his business, too.
8. A long-lasting treat or a favorite non-squeaky toy will give your puppy pal something to do while you dine.
9. Don’t assume your dog will be the only pup on the patio. If he can’t play nice (and be quiet), leave him at home.
10. Some dogs get stressed in social settings. If your dog prefers quiet, leave him at home where he’ll be more comfortable. Also, don’t be offended if your server doesn’t ask to pet your dog—they’re not supposed to.


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