Pig Out: Grow a Guinea Pig Friendly Garden

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These furry little herbivores are partial to grass and hay, but they also benefit from a varied diet of fresh vegetables and fruits with plenty of vitamin C. Growing a garden to supplement their diet is simple. Guinea pigs can be picky about what they prefer. These fruits and veggies are a good bet, though—and will provide all the nutrients and gnawing pleasure they require.

Greens and herbs

Grow various types of kale and lettuce, other leafy greens like Swiss chard, and herbs like parsley and basil.


Broccoli, cucumbers, and tomatoes are good, as is sweet corn—Guinea pigs usually love this sweet treat. Try offering root veggies like squash and carrots in small quantities.


Some fruit is good, too. Try growing cantaloupes, watermelon, apples and apricots. Although they need vitamin C, never feed guinea pigs citrus fruit.


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