Take a Catnap: D.I.Y Window Ledge

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Give your kitty the best seat in the house with suction cups and a few pieces of PVC pipe.

What you’ll need:

  • 6 feet of 1-inch diameter PVC pipe
  • 2 L-shaped PVC connectors
  • 2 T-shaped PVC connectors
  • 2 feet by 3 feet of sturdy fabric
  • Sewing machine
  • 6 feet of wire
  • 4 large suction cups


  1. Cut the PVC pipe into two 1-foot and two 2-foot sections.
  2. Connect one 2-foot pipe to both T-shaped connectors at their 90-degree ends.
  3. Connect the other 2-foot pipe to both 1-foot pipes using the L-shaped PVC connectors.
  4. Complete the rectangle by connecting each 1-foot pipe to an open end of a T-shaped connector.
  5. Glue a large suction cup into the last remaining open end of each T-shaped connector.
  6. Cut a 7 1/4 inch square out of each corner of the sturdy fabric. Discard these corners.
  7. Lay the remaining fabric inside the pipe rectangle. Wrap each flap around its corresponding pipe and sew the flap so the fabric holds tight to the pipe.
  8. Cut the wire into two 3-foot sections. Securely attach one end of one wire to an unused large suction cup and the other to an L-shaped corner. Repeat on the other side.
  9. Use all four suction cups to hang the perch on a window or sliding door.

    (Adapted from petdiys.com)


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