Solutions to common causes of dog relinquishment

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Great Dane knocking over planter on deck

Problem behaviors can lead new owners to bring their pets back, but often there are simple fixes that can help prevent the heartbreak of returning your pet.

Excessive Barking

The best way to stop your dog from barking too much is to ignore it. It’s one of the ways dogs try to communicate, so don’t yell or your dog will think you’re barking, too.

Jumping Up

If your dog starts to make a habit of jumping up at you or others, ignore her or turn away when it happens. Don’t give her attention to reinforce the behavior.

Running Away

Sometimes even good dogs get out. When your dog comes back, don’t scold her or she’ll think returning gets her in trouble. Instead, show her how happy you are she came back, and give her treats.


Puppies and kittens alike do a lot of “play biting” but need to be taught not to bite as they get bigger. Don’t encourage it by letting them mouth you when they’re little.     


Digging is natural, so give your dog her own spot to indulge. Fill a kiddie pool with sand and hide toys in it. When she digs elsewhere, move her to the sandbox, and when she digs there, praise and encourage her.


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