7 Reasons Why Senior Pets Are the Best

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Senior Dog
A very tired senior dog having a quick nap.

Yes, baby animals are cute. But they also require a lot of time, patience and work, not to mention cleaning. That’s a lot of commitment. There are countless senior animals waiting in shelters to give you all the love and companionship you’re looking for, no puppy pads required. If that’s not enough to consider adopting an older pet, these seven reasons will have you running to the shelter.

1. Friends till the End

Shelter staff and volunteers do a great job caring for the senior pets who end up there, but they’re no substitute for a home. Adopting a senior pet means the remainder of their lives will be filled with love and happiness.

2. No Potty Training Needed

You still get all the cuddles and cuteness when you adopt a senior pet, but you can skip the potty training, destructive chewing and super high energy levels that come with an adolescent pet.

3. Life in the Slow Lane

Senior pets aren’t as quick as they used to be, but for many people, that’s a welcome change of pace. You’ll appreciate your pet’s calm, composed demeanor and low-key companionship.

4. Nap Time’s Not Just for Kids

Senior pets love their naps and may just inspire you to get a little shuteye yourself. Lots of sleep has been linked to reduced stress and increased productivity, after all. Sounds like a win-win to us.

5. Touch of Gray

Senior pets have earned those cute gray faces over the years. No offense, but you probably have one or two gray hairs, too. Senior pets have paid their dues in life, weather­ed the storms and had their fair share of fun.

6. Unconditional Love

Despite the challenges your senior pet faced before landing in a shelter, their ability to love and trust is as strong as ever. Their ceaseless gratitude, optimism and resilience are truly remarkable.

7. You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

Just like people, learning for a lifetime is important to pets’ mental and physical health. Find-the-treat games, catch, and skill classes like the ones offered at San Diego Humane Society are perfect for older pets. Weekly trips to somewhere new are great too.

To see all the sweet senior pets patiently waiting for someone like you, visit sdhumane.org.


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