The Solution to Problem Behavior

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Banish bad habits: barking, escaping, digging, destruction and more


Unfortunately, bad behavior is one of the most common reasons dogs get returned to shelters. But many frustrating problems have simple solutions. Check out these tips, and remember that SDHS is here to help, with trainers, behavior workshops and other resources. Contact us at 619-299-7012 or



Ignore it as best you can. If you yell, you run the risk of your dog thinking you’re barking too.


Reward your runaway when she eventually returns. It may seem counterintuitive, but if dogs are punished when they come home, they can start to associate coming home with punishment.


Digging is a natural instinct, so give your dog her own spot to do it. Reward her when she digs there, and when she digs elsewhere, move her to the right place.


Keep high-value treats handy on walks and dish them out when your dog sees another dog and acts calmly. This helps her equate interaction with something positive.


Raise your pup’s enrichment. She needs something else to keep her mind and body busy. Try exercising more and adding food puzzles or a durable chew toy.



















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