It’s Not Fall Yet …

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You made it through the dog days of summer and there’s still time for fun in the sun with this insiders’ guide.  You will find pet-friendly ideas that your four‑legged friends will flip over. And we don’t just mean top dogs and cool cats. We’ve got tips for rabbit lovers and equine enthusiasts; even guinea pig pet parents get some love.

Ready to make this season the best one yet? 

Horse Around in East County

You don’t need to live on a ranch to spend quality time with foals and fillies.

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Pig Out: Grow a Guinea Pig Friendly Garden

These furry little herbivores are partial to grass and hay, but they also benefit from a varied diet of fresh vegetables and fruits with plenty of vitamin C.

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Sun’s Out Buns Out

Bunnies love being outside in the summer as much as you do. While it’s not a good idea to keep your rabbit outside all the time, an outdoor pen can…

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“Paws” for a Beer with Your Bestie

San Diego is home to hundreds of restaurants and breweries that welcome well-behaved dogs. These 10 tips will help make the experience a breeze for both you and your buddy.

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Ruffin’ It

Tips for Summertime Camping with Dogs

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Take a Catnap: D.I.Y Window Ledge

Give your kitty the best seat in the house with suction cups and a few pieces of PVC pipe. What you’ll need: 6 feet of 1-inch diameter PVC pipe 2…

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Dear Tabby,

My dog and I spend a lot of time outdoors in the summer. Are there any dog-unfriendly plants we should watch out for?

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